Jul. 14th, 2009

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Apparently the San Francisco Zoo has a homewrecker penguin named Linda who has been running around with every male in sight, including breaking up one of the two gay male couples (who have even incubated an egg together).

Linda left her long-time mate for an older widower within a few hours of his mate's death.  Then, when he died, she made the moves on Harry, who had previously been in a monogamous relationship with another male named Pepper.  Pepper didn't take to being jilted and has been causing enough problems that he had to be removed temporarily from the group facility.  He's been reinstated, but the zoo-keepers are keeping their eyes open.

Once again, a story about homosexuality being "normal" and being hetero or "monogamous" does not make you immune to scandalous affairs, jealousy, losing a partner, or relationship drama.

And in related news, here's a very touching article about two other gay male penguin couples:

Z and Vielpunkt's chick, who is unnamed and whose gender is currently unknownAt this German zoo, there are 3 separate gay couples and the zoo keepers were concerned about reproduction (they're apparently endangered species), so they once tried to introduce 4 new female penguins but that didn't work.  One of the hetero couples rejected one of their eggs, so the zoo-keepers gave the egg to one of the gay couples, Z and Vielpunkt, and they faithfully cared for the egg until it hatched, and now feed the baby mashed fish because it's too young to feed itself.

Another gay couple, Roy & Silo, wanted children so badly that they tried incubating rocks until their zoo-keepers gave them an abandoned egg to raise, with the same result.

And yet another gay couple in yet another zoo were so desperate for children that they would actually steal other couple's eggs AND REPLACE THEM WITH ROCKS!  They were actually removed from the group habitat for their theft, but visitors complained, so the zoo-keepers put them back in general population, but gave them 2 eggs of their own.  They promptly stopped stealing and have raised their chicks, becoming "the best parents in the whole zoo".

Take that you homophobic nitwits!


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