Feb. 1st, 2009

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[livejournal.com profile] cunningminx is doing a new segment at Poly Weekly, in which listeners write or call in their happy poly moments.  I recently had one, so I thought I'd email her mine.  I don't know if it will get read on the show, but since I also have a polyamory tag here, I thought I'd relate the story for my LJ too:

I had a happy poly moment last November when the metamour from my then-partner came into town for a visit.  I was dating [livejournal.com profile] zen_shooter at the time, who lives half the month in my town and half the month in another state for work.  He is dating[profile] may_dryad who lives in the other state, but not the same town and both have family at home, so they rarely get any alone-time.  So she came into town for his birthday and I was planning on leaving his house before she arrived so they could have their alone-time right from the start.  But the night before, [info]zen_shooter and I had sex and made a mess of the sheets.  I thought it would be nice if the sheets were clean before they used them together.  So I did some laundry while he did errands before picking her up.  [info]zen_shooter air-dries all his laundry to be environmentally friendly, but it leaves his sheets and towels rather stiff and scratchy.  [info]may_dryad and I both prefer to put our linens in the dryer, so I figured, since I was doing laundry anyway, I would throw in one of his towels especially for her and put it in the dryer.

Well, the laundry took a little longer than expected, and they both arrived a few minutes before it was done, which means that I couldn't make myself scarce for them (not that either of them objected to me being there).  But the upside is that I got to present to her a freshly laundered and dried towel especially for her use while she visited.  She was very appreciative and I left them to their alone-time feeling helpful and knowing that she knew that I valued her presence in his life.  I enjoyed showing her that I cared about her by listening to her comments of scratchy towels and doing something for her that she would appreciate (for those who curious - that would be the Service-Oriented Love Language, which is explained in the awesome book "The Five Love Languages" by Dr. Gary Chapman)

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