joreth: (polyamory)
I'm considering two new poly terms for the glossary. This is the definition:
a cishet person (usually male) who fetishizes his partner's bi/queer sexual orientation and who uses said partner to obtain new partners to fulfill his fantasy of group sex with people of the genders/orientations he is fetishizing.
Which do y'all like?

Fisherman / Fishing (he uses his queer/bi partner for "bait" to "fish" for another woman for FMF threesomes)

Muskratting (from Elon Musk and his creepy partnership with Grimes, particularly the weird unicorn hunting attempt with Azeala Banks)

I think Muskratting is funnier / more clever, but I also think it's less intuitive because it relies on a knowledge of current events and is basically a fad, so in the future (and not that far off), people won't really understand why it's called that. So I'm not sure which direction I want to push this in.


(P.S. - I didn't come up with either of these terms so I have no emotional connection to them. I saw them in a poly forum and I think it's a useful concept to include in a glossary - I mean, since I have terms like "cowboy", "cuckoo", "polywog", and "french kiss" in there)

Date: 2/1/19 08:10 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] dawnd
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I definitely prefer fishing. I wouldn't know what muskratting meant (yes, I do live under a rock sometimes, why do you ask? ;) ). Fishing also carries the resonance of "phishing" which many people understand as being "unfair" and "predatory."

I have indeed experienced being used as bait for a fisher. It sucked, not least when I often --sooner or later -- lost friendships with those he'd fished. :(