03:49 pm

Guest Post: A PSA For Unicorn Hunters


02:25 pm

What It's Like To Win The Lottery As A Woman

03:19 pm

Short TV Show Review: The Punisher (no spoilers)

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11:11 pm

Sometimes I Have Conversations With My Brain: Winter Is Coming

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02:26 am

Poly Valentine's Day

03:34 pm

I'll Be by Edwin McCain As A Love Song That Doesn't Suck

03:59 pm

Shitty Parents Deserve To Lose Contact With Their Adult Children When They Are Shitty To Them

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04:15 pm

A Connection Between Limerence & The MRA Movement

01:48 pm

Abuse Changes The Rules & Normal Relationship Advice Does Not Apply

09:07 pm

Things I Wish They Had Taught Me About Abuse

09:41 pm

A Responsible Rom-Com Plot?!

09:54 pm

A Better Way To Say I'm Sorry And Give A Real #Apology

11:11 pm

I'm Pretty Sure Joreth Doesn't Need A Man!

11:20 pm

One More Reason Why The Poor Stay Poor

11:46 pm

Shoe Recommendation: Crocs Sneakers


12:33 am

The Gift Of Presence & The Perils Of Advice


06:29 pm

How Not To Make Your Female Character "Pass" As A Man In Film

08:08 pm

Small Boundary Violations Are Only Signals Of Future Bigger Boundary Violations


08:38 pm

What If All Teh Menz Could Not Photograph Any Women For A Period Of Time?

09:13 pm

A Test For Couple Privilege In #Polyamory

09:35 pm

"Crazy Ex" Behaviour Is Not The Same Thing As "Real Abuser Lying About Abusive Past" Behaviour

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08:58 pm

Can I Tell Everyone That My Ex Is A Cheater?

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09:05 pm

When Labels Are Not Helpful, But Actively Harmful (Telling Others How Evil Our Exes Are)

09:38 pm

Please Stop Telling Poor People to “Just Cook” to Save Money

10:01 pm

Female Sexbots A-OK But Male Sexbots Are The Downfall Of Society

10:32 pm

It Is Not Now Nor Was It Ever About The Fucking Cuss Words You Fucking Orange Cockbongle

10:39 pm

Converting Regular Songs To Decent Poly Songs

10:56 pm

I Think My Parents Are Finally Getting The Hang Of This Whole Poly Thing

11:12 pm

Logical Fallacies In Polyamory Research

11:31 pm

Yep, It's Official, I Really Can't Stand The Taste Of Alcohol


11:41 pm

Friendships Can Be Abusive

12:00 am

Wanna Bet This DV Asshole Will Still Be Seen As An Isolated Case Even After Shooting 4 Cops?