Oct. 19th, 2009

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Here is a great visual representation of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, compared to other things, like how many people have gotten sick, what else you could die of, etc. It's not a perfect chart, some of the commenters in the original blog (click the picture to read it) have offered some suggestions on how to improve it, but it's a good snapshot of just how safe the vaccine really is.

Unfortunately, several of the commenters have jumped in with the usual BS about how we don't know anything at all about its longevity potential or how safe it *really* is in the long run, some people have provided anecdotal stories about fainting after getting the shot, and at least one person has thrown in the old line about how we're being "forced" to have unnecessary vaccines like the measels vaccine (look how few kids die of that and they make us take it anyway!), and there's the inevitable "if you just don't have sex with anyone, you won't get sick" fucktard who seems to view STDs as a moral punishment for bad behaviour.

But, aside from that, this is a great visual shorthand way of looking at HPV.  The creator of the chart has indicated that he will be updating the graphic as he is made aware of more data, but I don't know if this graphic itself will update or if we will have to view it on his blog directly, so you might want to take a peek over at he original source.

(oh, and thanks to [profile] may_dryad for the link!)

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This is one of the most fantastic sites I've seen in a long time. It's a very simple site, just a single frames web page with a collection of graphics in the sidebar and a larger image in the main frame.

What's so cool about it is that someone has created 3D images of the female reproductive system and the vulva area. As the creator points out, most images are 2D photos or drawings and don't really properly illustrate where everything is in relation to everything else.

This site not only has 3D illustrations, but also flash 3D animations where you can rotate various portions of the female anatomy to see it in 360 degrees!

So go, visit this website and check out the rest of the pictures. I even learned something about the female anatomy I didn't quite grasp before!


Momentarily Click on a Gray Arrow Button to Rotate One Frame Left or Right

Click and Hold a Gray Arrow Button to Rotate 360 Degrees

Right Click on Animation to Zoom in and Out and Control Animation


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