Sep. 21st, 2009

joreth: (Dobert Demons of Stupidity)
Considering how easy the questions were, I'm actually quite embarassed on behalf of my country for this score:

The Science Knowledge Quiz

In the question-by-question breakdown, they compare your answers with how many people in several demographics got that question right, such as men, women, education level categories, and age group categories.

I found it very interesting that the women did better than the men on the questions about medicine (for example, more women than men know the answer to whether antibiotics kill viruses and bacteria and which over-the-counter drug is recommended to reduce heart attacks, but men did way better on questions of science "trivia", like if lasers are made from sound waves and what GPS uses to find its location).  I think this fits stereotypes of women as the "homemaker", because it was always supposed to be the mother who took the kids to medical appointments and maintained the medicine cabinet (along with all other groceries), but the men are expected to just know "stuff".  And that really annoys me.

My age group (31-49) did consistently and significantly better on every question except 1 (where we came in second to the youngest age group), and, not surprisingly, those who graduated college swept every category over those with lesser amounts of formal education. But it was damn depressing to see just how few people actually got the questions right regardless of what demographic "won".

There's something wrong when a college senior / drop-out who hasn't used math in so long that simple addition requires a pencil and paper, who switched majors to the Liberal Arts because the Freshman Biology course required for the Veterinarian's degree was too much work, and whose eyes glaze over when people start talking about processor speed does better than 90% of the population on a very easy, 12-question quiz on basic science.

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