Aug. 26th, 2009

joreth: (Super Tech)
Joseph Albietz said it best in an article debunking the anti-vaxxers claim against the swine flu vaccine. His statement stands for all vaccines:

" discussing only the children who die, Dr. Mercola implies that the only benefit of vaccination is the prevention of death in the person vaccinated. People aren’t either healthy or dead. Those who survive an infection are still subject to its inherent suffering and complications. Furthermore, survivors [and/or carriers] run a high risk of spreading it to others who then share in the risk and misery. ... We do not vaccinate “to prevent perhaps 100 deaths,” we vaccinate to prevent a disease altogether, and to help the entire population avoid all of these risks."

He also says later on:

"I’ll take the opportunity to point out that pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and hospitals stand to make a lot more money from an uncontrolled pandemic than from its prevention. The money spent on antivirals, antibiotics, sedation and pain medications, physician and hospital billing for the 200,000 people hospitalized in the US during a normal flu season would compensate them far better than profits from vaccine sales. It’s almost as though, against our financial interest, all of our efforts are designed to keep people from getting sick…"

All of my journaling and ranting doesn't say it any better, any more concisely, or any clearer, than this.


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