Aug. 10th, 2009

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"SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 10, 2009 – University of Utah scientists developed a new kind of "molecular condom" to protect women from AIDS in Africa and other impoverished areas. Before sex, women would insert a vaginal gel that turns semisolid in the presence of semen, trapping AIDS virus particles in a microscopic mesh so they can't infect vaginal cells."

Dude!  I SO hope this passes the human clinical trials!

Basically, it's a gel that's inserted prior to sex that, when the pH balance of the vagina increases (this happens when semen is introduced to the vagina), a reaction happens between the polymeres in the gel that cause them to form a tight mesh that traps semen, HIV and possibly other viruses!  This then prevents the HIV from attaching itself to vaginal tissue, which prevents a woman from acquiring HIV even if she's been exposed to it.  Even at lower pH levels, the gel slows down the movement of HIV.

"After sex, the vagina gradually becomes acidic again, and any residual HIV particles would be inactivated both by acidity and an antiviral drug within the remaining gel, which still impedes HIV to some extent at normal vaginal acidity."

These findings will be published in a peer-reviewed journal later this week and will hopefully begin human clinical trials in 3 to 5 years, with marketing the gel for public use (pending favorable outcome of human testing) just a few years after that.

This will be first marketed towards women in Africa and other impoverished areas because women have so little power in their own reproductive and sexual functions.  Not surprisingly, it's awfully hard to stop the spread of HIV when your male partner refuses to wear a condom and you have no ability to refuse him sex.  So, although HIV is a big deal here in the US, the most important step is to stop the spread at its source.  

So I really hope the human trials go well.  In the past, microbials have had a hard time making it through the human stage because, as this article says, either it doesn't work inside actual humans, or the humans don't bother to use it (or use it properly) so accurate data is not available.

Someday we'll eradicate this and other plagues and today we are one step closer to that goal.
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If you don't listen to Poly Weekly yet, you should. Adam And Eve online adult store was a sponsor for Poly Weekly for a while, and [ profile] cunningminx was reviewing some of their products. She was sent a Clone-A-Willy kit, which is a mold-making kit that allows one to make an exact vibrating replica of one's own penis. At the time, [ profile] cunningminx was not interested in the product (and I forget the reason why), but during a conversation with her over dinner one night, the subject was brought up and I mentioned how I have always wanted to try it.

In fact, I always wanted to have a Clone-A-Willy party, where I could purchase the mold-making materials in bulk and pass along the savings to my friends. A private room could be made available for those who wish to make the mold without an audience, but at the end, everyone could leave with copies of the penii they so desired.

But party aside, I have always had a fascination with life-like replicas, particularly of people I know personally. So when I mentioned how much I always wanted to try the kit, [ profile] cunningminx said she'd send the kit to me so I could review it for her.

Now, I didn't really expect it to happen - after all, there are so many more important things than for [ profile] cunningminx to remember to send me the kit. But one day, I got home to find a package waiting for me. And, lo and behold, it was the Clone-A-Willy kit from [ profile] cunningminx!

Read all about my Human Cloning Experiment )

Hopefully next up ... Clone-A-Pussy for a copy of myself, clones of my other sweeites, and a Clone-A-Willy party for my friends! They also sell a glow-in-the-dark kit, a Lover's Kit (both Willy & Pussy kits at a discount), and a Chocolate Clone-A-Willy kit. The girl's mold claims to be reusable and safe to use as a Jello Mold!


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