Jun. 24th, 2009

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Brandi Chastain and Julio Iglesias Jr. compete in The Superstars.ABC/Adam Larkey - Thursday, June, 11, 2009, 12:11 AM
Brandi Chastain and Julio Iglesis Jr.
Loosely based on the ABC classic ``Wide World of Sports,'' this show pairs eight celebrities with professional athletes from a variety of different sports for sporting events and challenges, including swimming, biking, running, kayaking and more. The teams are tested on speed, stamina, strength and strategy as well. Each week one team of athletes is eliminated a winning pair is left. The show is shot on location in the Bahamas.

For the record, Brandi is my cousin, not Julio Iglesis.  She's best known as that soccer player who took her shirt off at the end of the game (while wearing a sports bra), and completely forgotten as the soccer player who scored the winning goal in the world championship game against a goalie who blocked her goal in the same event the previous year, causing her team to lose by one point that year.  She's also a 2x gold medalist in soccer and a staunch proponent of strong women.  She posed nude for Nike as part of her personal campaign to show that strength in women is beautiful and strength can also be "feminine".  Needless to say, I respect and admire her immensely.
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Some of you are not on my Twitter list, (and believe me, I TOTALLY understand that - this is most definitely not a shameless plug to pad my friendslist) so you might have missed this, and some of you in particular I think really ought to read this.

I'll warn you, it's long, it's offensive, and it's ridiculous. As long as you know that up front, hopefully you can laugh your way through it like I did.  It's got to be one of the funniest things I've read in a while, and if you've seen my journal for even half a second, that should tell you about how absurd this is.


RT rebeccawatson Are you a spiritual goddess seeking an "exquisite Love Dance"? Meet THIS asshole:http://tinyurl.com/kpcy84

Some choice quotes from his site (with my comments in purple):

"She believes what I'm saying is coming from God." (his italics & emphasis, not mine!)

"it is VERY appropriate for you to be skeptical. I seek a woman with a razor-sharp intellect who is well grounded in distinguishing material reality from the "stuff of dreams".... yet she ALSO ... must be willing to look deeply, have an open/flexible mind, and have an intuition sufficiently keen to read the many "signs" that clearly indicate my computer technology work is long past the "pie in the sky" stage and is getting ever-so-close to material reality... a reality that will cause money to pour in from all over the world."

"I seek a spiritual marriage with a true Goddess based on deep love, intense chemistry, extreme passion, and lifelong devotion. Additionally, marriage includes financial and legal dimensions, and the complexities of my Global Vision will necessitate a pre-nuptial agreement. I will be generous, giving the Goddess I seek 100% legal control over an appropriate portion of the anticipated wealth." (my emphasis this time)

"She is very spiritual ... she meditates at least 15 minutes daily (that's the minimum for a Goddess) ... She is not a Scientologist"

"She does not have too many unwelcome thoughts"

"She has the quality of childlike innocence. Alternatively, if she "lost" her innocence at some time in her life, she has subsequently regained it. "

"She is extremely attractive. She's HOT. She turns heads wherever she goes. She is sexy. VERY sexy. She is beautifully dressed and beautifully groomed. She has excellent posture. She is not overweight. Her hair is her own and at least to her shoulders. Alternatively, she is willing to grow her hair long for me and keep it long for me."

"Her home is clean, orderly and uncluttered. However, if she has small children living with her, messes caused by her kids are okay."

"She wants TOTAL FREEDOM and has the courage to attain it. She wants a man who will HELP her attain it" (LOVE this one!)

"She QUESTIONS so-called "authority" and HATES the concept of "blind obedience to authority." ... She has the COURAGE to unite with and give her full Goddess support to a powerful man (me)"

"She is either an experienced actress or would like to be one."  WTF?

"I have written a book (not yet published) entitled, Resurrecting the Innocence in Prostitutes. Fascinating topic! And it's an important part of my Global Vision."

"She cannot help but surrender herself to him, melting naked into his arms, whereupon he worships her as a Goddess.... he is the priest, she is his altar. She becomes the Goddess he is worshipping... she is elevated into extreme Goddess-ecstasy.... exploding and screaming!.... so many times you lose count."  (thinks a bit highly of himself much? Cuz, it's not like women are individual and require different types of activities and/or some are just not prone to multiple orgasms)

" Students and their parents love me, but the powers that be in education do not."

"Currently spend an additional 30 hours per week drafting complex legal documents for numerous attorney clients. ... I am not an attorney, "

"I am intensely chivalrous, and, if you date me, you are required to respond to my chivalry as a LADY. You are the GIRL. ... It means you let ME decide where I would like to take you (e.g. what restaurant, what concert, what hotel, etc.) ... It means that when I offer you flowers and gifts, you accept them graciously.... you should have empty vases in your home. ... It means if we are at a restaurant and I am hungry and you are busy talking, that when our food finally arrives you realize that YOU must take the first bite, and by ignoring your food as you keep yacking away you are making me starve!" (underline his)

"I don't watch television ... I stopped watching TV in 1970 ... I dislike the energy of most of what gets broadcast, ... I have saved YEARS of time by avoiding TV. However, when we launch our own TV show (which will have very different energy), I will watch every episode." (oh, this makes the above comment about actresses make more sense.  He wants to start his own Televangelist cult!)

"Extremely strong male energy but totally different from most men. Obviously!!" (italics & underlining his)

"I do NOT wish to control my Goddess. ... I am also wise enough to know that a surefire way to ruin a relationship with a fabulous woman is to attempt to control her. ... What I seek is an exquisite Love Dance in which my male role is to lead (as in ballroom dancing) and my Goddess's female role is to surrender in ecstasy." (again, all emphasis his)

And to close it out, at the bottom of the site is, well, I guess it's a "prayer", that includes this:

"May SHE, and may ALL her thoughts about me, and may EACH AND EVERY aspect of her interactions with me (including all electronic, software and database systems by which we communicate), be ABSOLUTELY PROTECTED from any intrusion or interference or obstruction whatsoever (directly or indirectly or through a "well meaning" person) by anyone or any "entity" or any thing that is opposed to God."

And the whole thing is copyrighted, so I might get sued for posting quotes.


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