Jun. 9th, 2009

joreth: (Dobert Demons of Stupidity)
OMG did you know that millions of people are NOT DYING from vaccines every day!

Srsly!  And, like, most of them don't even experience the side effects that the vaccine companies WARN YOU ABOUT!

It's scary!  I mean, like these scientists are all like messing around with viruses and stuff and looking at them and analyzing them and cutting them up and rearranging them and doing spooky things with them!  They totally take them apart and then build these chemicals that trick your body into thinking it has the virus when it really doesn't so that your body makes its own ANTIBODIES against the viruses.

They actually put these chemical mixtures into your body at FRACTIONS of the potency of the REAL VIRUS!  And your body BELIEVES it and starts producing ANTIBODIES!!!!!  They're, like, building this microsopic army INSIDE you, using YOUR OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM!

And some people even have REACTIONS to them!  Really, I'm not making this up guys, they even ADMIT it!

It's totally freaky what science is up to these days.  I just had the Hepatitus B vaccine and I was told to expect soreness around the injection site and maybe even a light fever!  Then, they even said, right to my face, that I should call them if I got a fever over 99 degrees or if I was vomiting!  How scary is that!  I'm totally going to avoid dying of a virus that causes painful and prolonged liver failure, but I might get a fever instead!  That's just whacked!

What's even more crazy, tho, is that I'm totally not sick or sore or anything!  And that happens to thousands of people ALL THE TIME!

Dude, science is scary and has just manipulated my body into being all defensive and stuff against a deadly virus.  That's totally wierd!


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