Mar. 21st, 2009

joreth: (Polydragon) - "The Judiciary Committee of the Vermont Senate approved a bill on Friday to allow same-sex marriage, and the full Senate is to take up the measure next week.  Committee chairman, was congratulated Friday after the vote.  The committee’s unanimous support added momentum to a bill that Democratic leaders, who control both chambers of the legislature, have described as a priority. But even if it clears the legislature, Gov. Jim Douglas, a Republican, could veto the measure. And it is too early to know whether supporters could gather enough votes for an override." (emphasis mine)

I didn't know this, or maybe I read about it in passing and forgot, but the only other two states that allow gay marriage, Massachusetts and Connecticut, both made the policy through court rulings, not through legislation, so if this passes, it will be a first for our nation's history.

Asshole Gov. Douglas things gays already get "sufficient rights" through the state's civil unions.  First of all, they don't get the same rights.  Second of all, if it really is acceptable to give them all the same rights, then what is the big deal with letting them call it a marriage?  The only reason is to not give them the same rights and hope no one notices the more than ONE THOUSAND rights granted by a marriage aren't even close to comparing to a civil union.  If it looks like a marriage and walks like a marriage, it's a fucking marriage. 

Oh, wait, it doesn't look like a marriage ... it looks like a concession to make people shut up and forget that they're not really equal.  What?  We gave you your own schools, we're letting you get educated, that makes you equal, right?  I know it's been said ad nauseum but we already learned once that separate but equal is not equal.

Anyway, I'm opposed to the marriage contract in general, but as long as it *is* a civil right in this country, goddammit I'm going to stand by everyone who wants to enjoy (or suffer through) it!  So, go Vermont for unanimously deciding that gay marriages should be considered as a bill and written into law!


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