Feb. 21st, 2009

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From [livejournal.com profile] tacit:

I (he) have enough pre-orders for the poster version of the Map of Human Sexuality, and the job is at the printer's right now. Plates are done and it goes on press Monday. I expect to have the posters by the time I (he) get back from the Poly Leadership Summit next Monday.

Once I have the posters in hand, I (he) plan to raise the price to $15, so if you want one at the pre-order price (or you want it signed), now's the time!

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Two articles this time for which my reaction is "uh, yeah!"

http://www.findingdulcinea.com/news/health/2009/feb/Gardasil-Not-to-Blame-in-Hospitalization-of-Spanish-Teens-.html - Recently, 2 Spanish teenagers were hospitalized just hours after receiving Gardasil in a new mandatory Spanish program.  Health personnel assumed it was a tainted batch of vaccine and immediately recalled every dose from that batch, but continued to administer shots from other batches.  A European-based investigative team concluded that both cases were completely unrelated to Gardasil, although they continue to investigate these illnesses. 

As this article also points out, there have been a handful of coincidental illnesses of women and teens who have received the shot, and every single case of "serious" illness as been ruled to be not related to Gardasil.  All cases that were determined to be the fault of Gardasil were nothing more than the expected side effects already warned of by Merk and healthcare personnel.  The European investigative team has conclusively declared that, in addition to Gardasil not causing these 2 girls' hospitalization, the benefits of the HPV vaccine outweigh the risks.  Not that this will hush the dissenters and conspiracy theorists, but it is yet one more pile of evidence on a mounting pile of evidence that claims Gardasil is safe and necessary in the face of nothing more than coincidental timing for the opposing side.

http://www.smartbrief.com/news/aanp/storyDetails.jsp?issueid=39EB1CBE-07A2-4E37-9F5A-E366FAEB7023&copyid=5E69275A-F799-46D5-BBE6-E5D5874B554D - Researchers have discovered that school-based sex-ed that is "active" is more effective than "passive" school-based sex-ed in preventing STD transmission.  Well, duh.  And both are significanty more effective than putting your fingers in your kids ears and your hands over their eyes and shouting "lalalala!"

But, as is the case with evolution, it's not a single piece of evidence that makes the argument nor damns the opposition.  It's piles and piles of evidence all added together that make the case.  Here are a couple of more straws for the haystacks.


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