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After a rather pleasant evening in the company of some of my favorite Freaks, [ profile] datan0de IMs me the next day with the following (reproduced with permission):

Welcome to Lie Of Omission Theater, where we use completely true statements to fabricate a complete lie!

* [profile] datan0de affects Brooklyn/gangster accent

So there's this dame ... I didn't mean for nothin' to happen, but sometimes you can't help it, ya' know?

This girl's somethin' special- sharp as a tack, don't take crap from no one. She really knows how to take care of herself. And talk about a looker! She's smokin'!

So last night she comes into town and we get together. We're havin' a ball, and finally I invite her back to my place. We both know what's up.

So uh, long story short- her boyfriend shows up with a gun! Now I'm no slouch but this is one intimidatin' lookin' guy. He's fuckin' huge, long hair, tattoos, always wears boots. Real biker lookin' type, you know what I mean?

Shit gets weird after that. Next thing you know guns are comin' out left and right! By the time it's all over, he's got his gun out, I'm injured, she's got my gun, and my wife comes in and she's packin' too! Fuckin' nuts!
Fortunately nobody got killed. Even more fortunately, the neighbors didn't call the cops!

Heh. And this dame left in such a hurry that she left some of her clothes behind.

[ profile] datan0de switches back to normal voice.

That's all.

As an side note - this is exactly why I prefer a state of Total Honesty and why I consider "lies of omission" to be real lies just as any other lie.  Leaving stuff out, particularly when done intentionally for misdirection, can create just as false of an impression as an outright lie - and justifying it by claiming to have told "just the truth" does not excuse the tactic.  In my opinion, it makes it even worse.  I've tried it on several occasions when people make it difficult to want to be completely honest, for whatever reason, in poor attempts of tact and diplomacy on my part, and it only seems to make things even more complicated than simply accepting the trouble that being totally honest would have gotten me in the first place.

But, obviously, this was all in fun, and my little side note should not be taken as an implication of any sort regarding the story or the story teller.  I just sometimes over-think stuff and I can't seem to resist an opportunity to lecture people :-)

Now the fun part. What do you think *really* happened?

Date: 8/3/09 06:34 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Hmm... Well, I'll try: you, [ profile] datan0de and your other boyfriend gathered to played laser tag!.. no, maybe not lasers, but some sort of toy guns... and [ profile] datan0de sprained his ankle or something... the packing, I don't get the packing... maybe that was unrelated? Oh, and, obviously, you forgot your coat at his place. Or something :-)

Warm/cold? :-)

Date: 8/3/09 11:36 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
[ profile] datan0de meets with my approval.

Date: 8/4/09 03:44 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
This means a lot to me. Thank you! :-)


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