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Florida currently receives the 2nd highest amount of federal abstinence-only funding in the country – approximately $13 million.  Abstinence-only programs have been proven ineffective in delaying sexual activity in young people and put young people at risk. 

Already, nearly half of the states have rejected Title V federal funding for ineffective abstinence-only programs.  Not only are these programs failing our youth - Title V requires the contribution of three state dollars, or the equivalent in services, for every four federal dollars received, making it a drain on Florida taxpayers.

At a town hall meeting last week, Florida Governor Charlie Crist agreed to "review abstinence-only funding." Help us encourage Governor Crist take the next step and join the 23 governors across the country who no longer accept abstinence-only funding. 

Tell Governor Crist to reject Title V funding for abstinence-only programs today!

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Talking Points

  • Across the country, nearly half of all governors no longer accept federal abstinence-only funding in their states.  Mounting evidence proves that these programs are ineffective and dangerous to our youth.
  • Abstinence-only programs waste taxpayer dollars in the short-term and long-term.  These programs have failed be effective in preventing unintended pregnancy and the spread of disease which wastes money now and costs the taxpayers later.
  • Florida's teens need and deserve responsible sex education that includes information about abstinence, AND about protection from diseases and pregnancy.


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