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How Do You Mix Finances & Still Stay Off The Relationship Escalator?

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Things I Want To 'Toon: The Relationship Escalator

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Why "You Knew The Deal Going In" Is Bullshit In Relationships

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Reminder That Not All Polys Opened Up A Couple Or Are Single Bi Women For Couples

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What Kind Of Partner Will You Be When Your Partner Wants To Do Something Scary?

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Re: If We Fire All Sexual Assaulters Will We End Up Firing Everyone?

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I Cannot Share My Partners Because They Are Not Mine To Share


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Women Are Feral Cats; or Don't Take It Personally When Women Don't Trust You If You're A Man

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Privacy vs. Secrecy vs. Transparency - An Illustration & An Analogy


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Some Musings On Sex-Positivity As A Neutral Stance

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Return Of The Poly Holidays Question

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So You've Sexually Harassed Or Abused Someone, What Now?

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Putting Off Responding To 'We Need To Talk' Will Damage A Relationship

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My Attachment Style Is Relaxed-Engaging (Secure) But Just Barely

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If I Had Known This Sooner I Still Would Have Made Exactly The Same Mistakes

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Disability Does Not Have To Be Excused In Movies

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The Clinton Body Count - The Movie

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It Was Still -ist Even When That's Just How Things Were Back Then

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Holiday Peopled Out

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Women Aren't More Complicated, We're Actually Pretty Simple