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Important to read, but with spoilers mainly about the main villain. Although, this article is really more about nerd culture and entitlement, and how those two are linked together than about details of the film. It merely uses character analysis to explore those concepts. I usually copy passages from the articles I'm sharing that especially highlight the point I want people to take away from the article, but I'm finding that hard to do without including passages with spoilers.

So I'll pad this part of my explanation and include them below the cut, and a little out of order because there is a quote further down that isn't really spoilery. At least, I hope by this time it isn't a spoiler, since the potential spoilery detail is in the trailers.

"If you cannot be famous, in either a positive or a negative way, then at least something that is famous can be yours. This is why so many nerds have reacted with so much aggression towards the fact that none of the three new principal protagonists introduced in The Force Awakens is a white male. To call this “unrealistic,” of course, is asinine, since we are talking about a film series that is already enthusiastically unrealistic on every level, and to present this reaction as a protest against the supposed power of the alleged “P.C. Police” is just another cover. "

THE MAIN POINT OF THE ARTICLE IN ONE BRILLIANT SOUNDBITE: "The presentation of Kylo Ren as a whiny, insecure little shit is brilliant because, frankly, whiny insecure little shits are usually the people who actually do become evil in real life."

"The Force Awakens is saying “having a bad childhood and being insecure and feeling inferior doesn't automatically make you the good guy, and it doesn't mean these movies belong to you – in fact, there's a good chance that clinging to this identity is making you the bad guy.”"

"Philosophers and inventors are indeed people who see things differently and march to the beats of their own drummers, but so are mass murderers. And at this point, somebody philosophizing or inventing is not what I see on the news every two weeks."

"All pain is sympathetic, but many actions taken as the result of pain, and maybe even most of them, are not."
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