Dec. 3rd, 2009

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Almost 6 and a half years ago, scientists injected a whole bunch of girls with the HPV vaccine, Ceravix. Now, 6.4 years later, every single one of those girls was 100% protected against HPV.

They also checked to see how many girls got sick. 8% of the girls who got vaccinated had un-related health problems following their vaccination. 10% of the girls who got the placebo had health problems following their placebo injection.

All the data points towards the vaccine's continued efficacy.

Once again, the vaccine is proved safe and effective. If we are to blame the vaccine for those 8% of girls who had unrelated health problems, then we have to blame sugar water for making 10% of the other group sick too.
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Dear Sirs,

I don't care if you, personally, don't approve of abortion. You will never be faced with having to make the choice to have one or not, nor will you ever face having your choices be limited because you don't have enough money to afford the privileged healthcare that you currently enjoy, and are forced to rely on government aid just to survive.

Your purpose as my elected official is to do what is best for your constituents, and as a representative of half of your constituents, what is best for us is to have old men like you back the fuck out of my ability to make decisions regarding my body. That ability should not be hampered by what we can afford, since most of us do not have the luxury of simply changing insurance plans to a completely privatized plan that can offer services without fear of the government pulling its assistance.

So quick dicking around with the abortion clause in the healthcare debates and stop cutting out women's healthcare options because you have a personal, misogynistic, old tome written by Bronze-age sheepherders that tells you to put us in our place.

Someone who can vote you out next term but for whom the damage will have already been done


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