Dec. 1st, 2009

joreth: (polyamory)
(This and all the background information also located at the original post at & if this order form doesn't work, that one should.)

OK, final price quote is $22 for a black towel with either a purple Polydragon or a white Polydragon (embroidered), centered on the edge so it can be displayed while folded on a shelf or hanging on a rack. Payments can be made via PayPal. Please send $25 instead of $22 to cover the cost of tax and shipping (which will not be quoted to me until I make the order, & I have to pay up front for the order). If the cost of tax & shipping per person is less than $3 per person, I will send the difference back. All the towels will be shipped to me, and you can get your towel by either picking it up, meeting me somewhere, or having me mail it to you (or another address). Shipping it to you may result in more shipping charges. I will make the order as soon as I have 6 or more of either color ordered. If you "buy now" after an order has been made, your order will held until I have another 6 orders total.

Purple Poly Dragon Towel

White PolyDragon Towel

I cannot accept credit card orders through PayPal

Date: 12/1/09
Product Names: Port Authority Beach Towel (PT42) v Customer Supplied
- Material: 100% cotton terry velour
- Method of Imprint: Embroidery
- Locations: 1 location of your choice
- # of Colors: Purple and White
- Stitch Count: 18,000 stitches
Product Size: One size
Color Availability: Black
- Packaging: n/a
- Artwork Programs Accepted: vector
Quantity for Price: 12
On the towel mentioned above - $22.00 each
Design set up is $10 per 1,000 stitches
- Production Time: 10-13 business days after proof approval
- Pricing Valid for: 30 days from above Date
- Final cost of delivered items may vary by 0% over or under ordered cost
- For individual bagging, a $0.25 charge per garment will be added
- All change orders will result in a 20% re-stocking fee before shipping & tax;
Change orders include changes in style, color, size or quantity - Above prices do not include Design, Tax or Royalties


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