Nov. 27th, 2009

joreth: (Dobert Demons of Stupidity)
Hey Ericbedford, you contacted me without reading my profile first, now you pay the consequences. Sorry, but your attempt to delete my profile by "editing" it doesn't work - I get to approve all edits and you don't get to be an asshole and remove a profile you don't like and you didn't bother to read first before sending someone a mass-emailed form letter.

Now, since you blocked me for telling you to read my profile after stupidly trying to delete it and failing, you won't see this journal entry - but everyone else will see it on their homepage and know what a jackass you are.

This guy sent me a generic form email saying the same old "hi, check out my profile, I hope we can chat" bullshit. We have a 46% match. I responded with "READ THE FUCKING PROFILE". He responded by visiting my profile, clicking the "edit" button for each section, and "deleting" the entire thing, then blocking me.

Fortunately, OKC isn't quite stupid enough to let random users edit or delete other people's profiles willy-nilly, so my profile isn't actually gone, but his edit suggestions were emailed to me, where I could review and approve them. Naturally, I rejected them, tried to contact him again, and that's how I found out he blocked me immediately afterwards.

So I posted a public journal entry.


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