Nov. 1st, 2009

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It was great to see everyone at the OrlandoPoly meeting today! I thought we had a pretty good discussion about families & holidays. At dinner afterwards, some of us were talking about some upcoming events, and I thought I ought to remind everyone about some of the stuff going on. It's a pretty busy week!

On Monday, Leu Gardens in Orlando offers free admission for the first Monday of every month, so I'll be bringing my camera and checking out the foliage tomorrow. I expect to be there about 11 AM.

There's also a West Coast Swing dance lesson on Monday night that I was thinking about trying to make. It's from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM and it's the West Coast Basics (I don't know WCS at all) and the cost is $10.

On Wednesday, the Jessie Black Saloon in Orlando offers Line Dance lessons at 7 PM. Cover charge is $5 for the lesson and stay all night for the open dance floor, or arrive after 10 PM and get in for free (no lesson though)! I've taken a class with this particular instructor before, and she's really good. She adapts to the learning speed of the students pretty well. This is also a great opportunity for people who don't like crowded dance clubs since this club is almost empty on Wednesday nights (especially after 10) and the small group of people who show up have the whole floor to themselves. Also, since the crowds are thin, so is the cigarette smoke :-D

And on either Tuesday or Thursday, I thought I'd finally get around to seeing Zombieland. It's playing at the new theatre in downtown Orlando, the Plaza Cinema which, I have to say, is a fantastic theatre. They validate parking, and the seats are these great, comfy leather seats. $4.75 for Students and $9.50 for General Admission. I thought either the 7 PM or 9 PM showing on either day. Any preferences?

This weekend, I'll be in Tampa, so here are a couple of Tampa activities:

On Friday is Ballroom lesson and dancing at the Rhapsody Ballroom. I'm actually not positive I'll make this event, since it starts at 8 PM and Eric might not make it out of work in time. There is also a little confusion about the cost, but it's not much either way. The website says that Friday nights offer a group class for $5 per person per hour, beginning at 8 PM, but then it also says it offers a lesson and open dance floor at 8 PM for $6 for the lesson only or $10 for the lesson and stay to dance afterwards.

And on Sunday is West Coast Swing at Tampa's Biggest Swing Dance, beginning at 6 PM for $7. There is an hour of Lindy Styling Techniques, then an hour of Jitterbug, and then 4 hours of open dancing.

Now this one isn't for this week, but it's coming up so put it on your calendars ... The Enzian will be hosting another free Popcorn Flicks In The Park on Friday, December 4th, featuring The Grinch Who Stole Christmas AND White Christmas, starting at 7 PM.

For all the dancing events, it is not necessary to come with a dance partner, especially if you're male. These kinds of dance clubs tend to teach "social dancing", which is learning how to dance no matter who your partner is, and will usually just put the guys on one side, the girls on the other, teach the steps, then pair us up with whomever is across from us. Then rotate partners. So don't worry if you don't have someone to dance with. I almost never do when I go.

Also, no special clothing is required, just wear something comfortable. I prefer skirts and tank tops because I get overheated. If you do not have "dance shoes", then wear any shoes that do not have rubber soles and are securely fastened to your feet (no flip-flops or sandals or high-heel sandals). Standard dress shoes for men and dress shoes with ankle straps for women usually have an adequate sole. Regular dress pumps for women do too, but make sure they're snug enough that they won't easily fly off your feet. Men often bring a change of shirts if they tend to sweat a lot. But you do not need to dress up or wear "vintage" clothing or anything in particular, just be comfortable.

So, who's with me?


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