Sep. 13th, 2009

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I thought I'd write something up about this, but my poly-activist-associate, Diana, wrote it up perfectly, so here's what she had to say:

Late breaking news, friends!

The time is finally here! The episode of the award-winning docuseries MTV True Life: I'm Polyamorous that I filmed with my partners is being released tomorrow!!

The episode is airing on MTV this Monday Sept 14 from 10-11 PM and 12-1 AM EST! Don't worry if you can't watch it on tv then- it will be available for viewing on shortly thereafter, and I will post the link on my website and blog. And the show will be on heavy rotation on MTV for the next month, schedule on At 11PM EST, brief video blog updates and written blogs from Kerry and me will be posted on Please leave a positive comment!

True Life documents youth subcultures, and won an Emmy last week. MTV is very proud and has been advertising True Life heavily, and this is one of the premiere episodes. They moved the show to their most popular time slot, and viewership is expected at 12 million. SHAZAM! What a wonderful opportunity to speak to millions of young people about being empowered to create the relationships and life they desire!

This week will be a powerful media moment for polyamory. This is a great time to share your views online and utilize this opportunity to add nuance to the public dialogue. If you have something positive to say about your own experience in polyamory, or have views to share on the topic, I urge you leave comments online, blog about it, and let your voice be heard. There are plenty of organized voices in media on behalf of maintaining traditional sexual mores and family structures, and condemning everyone else. WE need to join our voices together on behalf choices in relationships and a world with more honesty and less shame. I thank all of you for being part of this movement with me.

Stay tuned for more updates on the aftermath next week!

Love boldly,


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