Jun. 27th, 2009

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[livejournal.com profile] tacit just posted about this iPhone app on Twitter, and I think it's great, so I'm going to mention it here.

It's called the Amazing Girlfriend Manager, and here is the description:

With this application you can improve your relationships by applying concepts of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) on your girlfriends. Think about your girlfriend as a client! What information and tools you need to improve your relationship? This application is the answer.

Features of this application:
- Allows you to manage multiple girlfriends at the same time (not recommended for moral reasons)
- You can assign a rating for each girl
- Stores personal information, preferences, sizes of clothing, notes and other data for each girl

For each girl you can register:
- Gifts given and received, cost and rating
- Dates, location, cost and rating
- Special dates (first date, first kiss, first trip together, bla bla bla…)

Benefits that this application can bring to you:
- Don’t make mistakes. Check the measurements of the girl before you buy a new pair of shoes or clothing
- Be creative. Do not repeat gifts
- Be more creative. Avoid always going to the same places with the same girl
- Be attentive. Do not forget your special dates
- Be healthy. Do not mix information from two girls
- Be the master. Show to your friends your long list of girls
- Be selective. Through the analysis of ratings and cost of dates and gifts, you can keep only the girls with the best cost-benefit

Now, aside from the irritating "not recommended for moral reasons", "be the master" bit, and a line at the end of the description that advises never letting your girlfriend see this app, I agree with [livejournal.com profile] tacit in that I think this would make an excellent resource for poly people ... particularly those Ps among you who can't keep shit straight!

As ya'll should know by now, and as many of you probably also do, I maintain an online wishlist that my sweeties (and anyone else, like my parents) can go to when they want to buy me something, to make sure they buy me something I actually want.  I also maintain an online calendar, and now that I've switched to Google, I'd like to share my calendars with my sweeties, but one I don't think even knows what a calendar is and the other has privacy paranoia issues.  So, somewhat ironically, I'm sharing calendars with a few friends with whom I almost never plan joint activities yet have no clue about my sweeties' daily plans.

But the point is that I already use digital efficiency devices to keep track of things like anniversaries and birthdays and dates.  I can remember things I write down pretty well, but I can't seem to remember which day it *is*, so even though I know my mother's birthday is May 8th, I might not remember that *today* is May 8th (for example), so I forget things like anniversaries all the time.  And ever since I graduated junior high, my relationships no longer start with "will you be my girlfriend?" and instead just sort of evolve over time into relationships, with graduated levels of intimacy.  We talk about them all the time, but there's rarely a specific date I can point to and say "that's the day we got together".  Of course, then we would have to define "together", which is a whole other topic.

So what I'm trying to say is that I would LOVE an app that conveniently gathers data like all my sweeties' birthdays and anniversaries, and what they like, and their clothing sizes and what I've purchased for them before, etc. into one, portable location.  It would be nice to list some of my metamours on there too. I did email them to ask when they're coming out with an Amazing Boyfriend Manager, or perhaps a gender-neutral term like Social Network Manager or something, so I'm holding off on buying it until I hear something back.  But it's only a dollar, so if there is no Boyfriend app, I might get it anyway.

But clearly, the poly/geek community is the perfect target demographic for this app.

I just got an email back from the creator who says he has been thinking of doing a gender-neutral version and he really likes the idea of including the metamours that I suggested (that word was not used specifically, but I did ask to be able to list "the girlfriends of my boyfriends" and he thought is sounded "really nice")!

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