Jun. 5th, 2009

joreth: (Dobert Demons of Stupidity)
 This is my new favorite phrase, read in an Onion article parodying the chaotic and illogical "debate" tactics of the fundies.  

So today I was driving across radio station zones and had my scan on (for those who don't listen to the radio, that means it scrolls through the FM stations until it gets a clear signal, then plays that station for 5 seconds, when it scrolls to the next available signal, until I hit the scan button again to stop it), and I heard the clear, dulcet tones of a female newscaster.

So I stopped to listen, because I was curious about what's going on in the world.

She announces that there will soon be age-appropriate sex education in schools, even for kindergartners.  This will include STD information and birth control.

Emphasis hers.

The way it *should* have been said was "there will soon be age-appropriate sex education in schools..." with the emphasis on "age-appropriate".

It just never ceases to amaze and anger me how deliberately obtuse people can be.  This newscaster (who was actually speaking on a religious station, as I found out when she stopped talking and a bible sermon came on) completely ignored the "age-appropriate" part and deliberately implied that 5-year olds would soon be reading from the Kama Sutra and learning about the vas deferense and ovaries.

Kindergartners will not be learning about what an orgasm is, they will be learning stuff like "don't go home with strangers" and "if anyone touches you in no-no places, tell an authority figure".  And high schoolers most definately need to learn about STDs and birth control.

I always say that credulity pisses me off, but the deliberate obfuscarism of information, science, and truth sometimes makes me sympathize with the "pull the plug on the humanity experiment" people.


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