May. 14th, 2009

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Someone just sent this video to an email list that I'm on. I highly recommend everyone watch it. It's NSFW, and that's the part I'm going to rant about.

In case you didn't see the video because I branded it NSFW, let me summarize. It's a video of some of the most amazing, beautiful, athletic women I've ever seen, performing amazing feats of strength and flexibility and agility, and wearing bikinis or workout shorts/tops.

So why is it NSFW?

Because they're pole dancers.

Yes, that's right, these fully clothed women doing gymnastics and Cirque du Soleil acrobatics are flagged as NSFW by YouTube simply because of the cultural association that we have that "only strippers" dance on a pole.

So, now that you know there are no nipples or pubic hair, and no sexual activity, and no foul language, you might want to go check out the video if you didn't before.

Because these women should be celebrated. They are truly athletes. They are truly beautiful. Their lines are pure elegance the likes of which I see in ballroom dancing. The strength of their bodies is deceptively amazing. They are pure works of art that combines the radiance of strength and sexuality.

These women weren't even doing anything particularly sexual in this video. There were no moves that I often see at strip clubs, the spread-your-legs-in-front-of-some-guy's-face move, no gyrating or grinding, no tongues sticking out, nothing at all that isn't seen in a Silk Dancer's routine or any other acrobat.

So it just infurates me that this is considered NSFW just because the women who do it are wearing platform heels, that poles are usually associated with strip clubs, and that strip clubs themselves are bad.

Strip clubs are the essence of a good relationship.  The participants are made aware of the rules up front, everyone agrees to the structure, it's an open and honest arrangement.  And it doesn't transmit STDs.

I don't even have words for how angry it makes me that women are penalized for their sexuality.  One of the things I enjoy so much about ballroom dancing is the hyper-awareness of my own body; how each muscle group works cooperatively with the others, the interplay of tendons and bones and muscles.  I love the feeling of being conscious of one set of muscles contracting and sliding against another.  And just watching these women brings that awareness back. 

It is utterly amazing the skill and strength and beauty that they encompass, which is only enhanced, not diminished, by their awareness and acceptance of, nay, control of, their own sexuality.  These women are powerful, and in control; they own their sexuality, they are comfortable in their own skin.  And as well they should be!

One of these women simply standing there in a bikini is not nearly as beautiful as the same woman performing these athletic feats, not because of the contortionist positions she puts herself in (although the graceful lines of her body *are* attractive), but because she claims her body as her own by doing so.  She is embracing all that she is, strong, feminine, graceful, and sexual.

I just can't wrap my mind around anyone who sees this as ugly, shameful, or evil.  And I'm royally pissed off that our society tells me I should see it that way too.  I think our society is deeply flawed and inherently diminished for the loss of this beauty when it views this specific form of art as "shameful" simply because "only strippers pole dance".
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I came up with another possiblity for my post:

*UPDATE #2* I just thought about possibly changing the name to since I've pretty much ruled out polymediagroup.  The pros:  shorter than polymediaassociation; no double letters; the word "network" is very similar to "association" in connotation.  The cons: still longer than or; I have to change the name and the acronym to PMN and I don't know if I like how it looks as well as PMA; "network" implies a looser connection than "association" but not significantly so.

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