May. 4th, 2009

joreth: (Silent Bob Headbang)

Gene interference therapy is moving rapidly from basic research to application. The PLGA packaging these researchers chose is already approved as safe and non-toxic by the FDA, speeding the path to clinical trials for infectious agents such as HPV and HIV. ... This approach holds promise for global health and the ability of people to self–apply antimicrobial treatments. Woodrow said, "It is safe and effective and much easier than getting an injection of vaccine."

This is still several years off, but it's very exciting.  A very, very, basic summary of what's going on, is that these researchers figured out a way to program RNA molecules to run around a female's reproductive organs and basically interfere with the STDs (or whatever they program them to interfere with).  They run around the mucosal tissue and they hang out for 2 full weeks, cock-blocking viruses from inserting themselves into cells and reproducing.

It's way safer than vaccines (which are already really fraggin' safe) and takes advantage of a delivery method that has already been approved by the FDA.  So, all that needs to happen now is to prove that the drug agents themselves work reliably and don't cause harm to the person they're being introduced into.  The first step is animal testing, then, if all goes well, a couple of years study on humans.


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