Mar. 27th, 2009

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I'm attending Frolicon for the first time, and I'd like to know if anyone is interested in carpooling.

I will be driving up on April 9th, the first day of Frolicon.  The schedule is not yet available, but last year's schedule is posted and it says that nothing happened the first day until that evening.  So I did not reserve a hotel room for the night before Frolicon, to save some money and I plan to drive up early that morning.

Last year's schedule also says that nothing was scheduled at all on Sunday, although events ran until late Saturday night, so I'm pretty sure that I did not reserve a room for the night of the 12th either, and I am planning to leave Atlanta on Sunday the 12th.  If the hotel would get back to me with my confirmation, I can say for sure if I reserved a room Sunday night or not, but no one on the Frolicon staff or the Frolicon LJ community can tell me whether there is programming on Sunday or not, let alone which panels are scheduled for which times.

So, until I find out further information, I am planning to drive up early on April 9th to arrive by roughly 5 PM, and leaving Atlanta on Sunday, April 12th in the afternoon (departing from and returning to Orlando).  Is anyone else going to Frolicon and do you have similar travel schedule and interested in carpooling?
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So, after having spent the last several days in an argument that consisted mostly of a conversation like:

Me: 2 + 2 = 4
Him: Well, 4 and 5 are both bigger than 2, so 5 could just as easily be the answer as 4.
Me:  *bangs head*

this is the frame of mind I'm in when I was just sent this link:

That's right, once again someone is trying to push through in Florida schools legislation that will "protect the jobs" of teachers who "question and criticize" evolution.

This is the next phase of the IDiots' master plan.  They couldn't get religion into the schools, so they're seeking to undermine the credibility of science under the guise of "critique" of scientific theories.  Of course, they only want to critique evolution.  No one seems to be interested in critiquing gravity or relativity.

So, quick, write to our congressmen and tell them this was bullshit last year and it's bullshit this year.


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